Loans for Government workers/Employees in Dubai

Dubai/UAE loans for Government employees – Loans in Dubai/UAE is the largest platform in the Dubai/UAE facilitating issuing of loans and credit cards to the public sector and government workers. As a result it is one of the most preferred online platforms in Dubai / UAE when it comes to personal loans and credit cards for government employees. Loans in Dubai / UAE assists with offering personal loans for both salaried government workers and salaried private workers, in order for them to counter their immediate financial requirements.

A loan in Dubai / UAE does not seek any security or collateral requirements for personal loans . The money made available to the borrower through Loans in Dubai / UAE personal loan can be used as per the personal requirements for the individual without any restrictions including, sending it for developmental purposes to home countries.Loans in Dubai / UAE personal loans can be useful to counter for any of the following financial requirements:

• Health or medical treatment related expenses
• Personal financial requirements
• Foreign travel • Accommodation Instalments
• Other miscellaneous expenses
• Marriage related expenses in the family

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Our service as Loan in Dubai

As loans in Dubai / UAE - ,we facilitate offers of personal loans at low interest rates and convenient credit cards with many benefits to Government employees in Dubai and all Emirates in the UAE. These loans and credit cards have seasonal offers over time, making it one of the most popular choices for Government employees in Dubai /UAE. Low processing fee with zero prepayment penalties and no hidden charges make Loans in Dubai / UAE personal loans a popular choice with salaried Government workers and the private sector employees/ Professionals.

We partner with Banks in Dubai some who issue up to 20 times the net monthly income for salaried individuals notably Government employees. Private sector loans may be as high as 10 to 15 times of your salary based on your Nationality, Company you work for, financial risk profile, spending habits, among others. Of all these loans offered to Public sector employees in Dubai/UAE, repayment periods are as high as 48 months and as low as 6 months depending on the specifications of the Government employee. Loans in Dubai / UAE focuses on a quick response system for all applicants of Loans in Dubai/UAE and for credit cards in Dubai/UAE.

We have realized that Banks in Dubai/UAE have initiated a quick loan approval system making sure that all personal loan requests by Government employees and private sector are approved in a maximum period of 3-4 days of submission of complete documentation.


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Why choose Loans in Dubai / UAE When Applying for a Government Personal Loan or Credit Card?

Attractive Rate of Interest: We engage all banks in Dubai/UAE who charge low nominal interest rates for its personal loan and the best cost effective promotions on credit cards thus making it one of the most popular broker when it comes to personal loan and credit card requirements.

Reducing balance Schemes: We are the first to engage banks to offering personal loans at reducing balance discounted rates of interest. We introduce you to Relationship officers of Banks in Dubai offering reducing balance discounted rates of interest and schemes for individuals including government employees, Teachers, Doctors, Ministry staff and other professionals.

No Hidden Charges: We deal with UAE Banks known for transparency when it comes to charges and penalties for any credit card or personal loan. These personal loans come with absolutely no hidden charges & their level of transparency in dealing makes our platform the most preferred by many different nationalities that include but are not limited to Indians, Pakistanis, Philippines, Africans, Europeans, Americans, and other Asian Countries.

Fast Speedy- Loan Approval: UAE Banks have geared up their efficiency on personal loan division in order to facilitate quick loan approval and disbursal, and this has helped these banks in Dubai/UAE to be at par with international banks. This has been evidenced by the quick approval mechanism for all Emirates across the UAE by Banks in UAE.

Online Loan Submission: Our website allows you to submit documents online for verification purposes, and submitting your personal loan requirements using our online platform thus making it easier and quicker for government /public sector employees together with their private sector counterparts to apply for personal loans and credit cards from the comfort of their offices or homes without physically visiting the bank

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Features of Loans in Dubai / UAE Personal Loan

Government employees - are offered various discounted schemes for credit cards and personal loans. Loans in Dubai / UAE deals with banks which offer a number of benefits and features for its credit cards & personal loans including minimal documentation ,low interest rates, and quick fast approval. Some of the prominent features of Loans in Dubai / UAE personal loan include:

High multiple of Loan: We deal with banks in Dubai/UAE which gives a high multiple of your salary plus benefits, as high as 20 times of your total income including allowances. These loans offering 20 times of salary/income multiple, are available to both public sector/government employees and also to the private sector and the NGO fraternity in Dubai/UAE.

Low Interest Rates: If you are looking for the best deal in Dubai/UAE ,offering you attractive free for life credit cards and Personal Loan Interest Rates on a daily reducing basis ,then engage us through our apply now or contact us form. We deal with banks offering the best personal loan service on salary transfer loans and on non-salary transfer loans. Currently Loan interest rates are available from 3% per annum flat profit share for all Islamic loans and a minimum of 9% for loans in Dubai/UAE without salary transfer which are also known as PDC loans. We however have no control over interest rates, all we do is refer you to bank members, who are ready to assist you but all banks in Dubai reserve the right to revise interest rates, processing fee and profit share and from time to time, at their sole discretion.

Loan Schemes- Specialized: We introduce you to Banks in Dubai / UAE which offer personalized schemes at lucrative interest rates for various working professionals and salaried individuals from time to time.

24/7 Customer Support: We make you procure loans and credit cards from banks which run dedicated customer support helpline for its credit card & loan section allowing applicants and loan borrowers to get in touch with the bank for any queries or grievances in 24 hours a day.


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Interests Rates

  • Salary Transfer Loans: 5%/annum

  • Non-Salary Transfer P.D.C: 9%/annum

  • Other 14% and above/annum

Apply for Loan in U.A.E

Personal Loans

Get a personal loan in UAE.


  • Documents required for loan application

    1-Passport copy

    2-Visa copy

    3-Emirates ID front and back copies

    4-Salary certificate/3 Months Payslips

    5-Three months bank statement/Salary slips/WPS Statement

    6-Credit card copy (face)

    7-Credit card statement

    8-Security Cheque

    Loan amount 10 000-300 000 (AED)

    Salary must be minimum 4000 (AED) +

    Do you have a credit card? If so, what is the limit?

    Do you have a loan from another bank ?

    Do you have benefits at work for example accommodation, insurance, commission, bonus, overtime, transport, air-ticket or uniform?

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  • Documents required for SME Partner-loan application

    1-Passport copy
    2-Visa copy
    3-Emirates ID front and back copies
    4-Six months bank statement
    5-Credit card copy (face)
    6-Credit card statement
    7-Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
    8-Tenancy Contract
    9-Copies of invoices (optional,increases chance)
    Loan amount 10 000-300 000 (AED)

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