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Loans in Dubai/UAE is simply a personal loan extended to professional executives (UAE nationals & Expatriates who are aged between 21 & 60 years at time of loan maturity), working in well established companies and the main aim of these personal loans is to meet the needs of the employees such as rentals on property, home improvement, family vacation, school fees, to settle credit card debts and other liabilities in Dubai/UAE.

These personal loans in Dubai/UAE are unsecured assets, which means that, applicants are dished out these funds, with not even a single collateral of real assets ceded to the bank in Dubai / UAE.As a result, the client is requested to sign a Direct Debit Authority form, which is known in the corridors of banking in Dubai/UAE as the DDA form. It is a mandatory form which has to be filled, signed by the client, and it holds the precondition office to disbursal of the loan principal amount.

Post-dated cheques, which are well known in Dubai/UAE as PDC, are used as a symbol of security to these loans, and as such, these personal loans are then termed PDC Loans. These PDC loans are usually requested by banks in Dubai /UAE in quantities of two Post Dated Cheques for every year, plus a security cheque for the total amount repayable over the tenor (the principal & interest) as security.

Documents Requested for Personal Loan application in Dubai/UAE A fully completed loan application form entails :-

Passport copy and visa page (as applicable)-Original passport copy is to be verified by the loan officer when he comes for collecting the signature from the prospective client. Ordinarily, most of the time, this verification is not done, since client’s passports are kept by the employers.

Salary certificate addressed to the bank in question, and not more than 15days.For pre-approval, most banks accept salary certificates addressed to other banks, but once approval comes, an original salary certificate addressed to the disbursing bank is required.

Latest three months bank statement online copy is required for approval process, what this simply means is that a client may do an online statement using their internet banking portal provided by banks in Dubai/UAE, and submit it for the solo approval process, however, once the loan is approved, an original three months latest bank statement is required for the loan proceeds to be disbursed.

There is also need for a customers’ self- declaration on the income and financial commitments, ( signed by the customer), this will make the process smooth, and by the way, the bank always has access to dashboards showing all the prospective liabilities of customers, so the ones who openly declare their other income and liabilities, will have their cases processed quicker as compared to their counterparts, who may try to beat the banking system, by either, partially declaring or skipping crucial information , which if discovered, will have a material impact on the approval status of the personal loan in Dubai/UAE.

Self-declaration means all liabilities have to be mentioned, these liabilities are usually emi calculations brought about by the emi loan calculator used in Dubai/UAE, and their computation shows the equated monthly payments to be made on personal loans in l Dubai / UAE .

Annual Percentage Rate

Implications of non-payment

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Personal Loans

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  • Documents required for loan application

    1-Passport copy

    2-Visa copy

    3-Emirates ID front and back copies

    4-Salary certificate/3 Months Payslips

    5-Three months bank statement/Salary slips/WPS Statement

    6-Credit card copy (face)

    7-Credit card statement

    8-Security Cheque

    Loan amount 10 000-300 000 (AED)

    Salary must be minimum 4000 (AED) +

    Do you have a credit card? If so, what is the limit?

    Do you have a loan from another bank ?

    Do you have benefits at work for example accommodation, insurance, commission, bonus, overtime, transport, air-ticket or uniform?

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  • Documents required for SME Partner-loan application

    1-Passport copy
    2-Visa copy
    3-Emirates ID front and back copies
    4-Six months bank statement
    5-Credit card copy (face)
    6-Credit card statement
    7-Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
    8-Tenancy Contract
    9-Copies of invoices (optional,increases chance)
    Loan amount 10 000-300 000 (AED)

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