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loans in dubai without salary transfer
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Salary Certificate & Payslips

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Salary certificate definition/meaning

A salary certificate is a document requested by an employee from the employer so that they may be able to use it to get personal loans , credit cards, auto loans, home loans, etc. Salary certificates are processed and produced by the Human Resources department and they have very few but important features.

The salary certificate mentions the company name in Dubai, it mentions the date in which it was written, it mentions the recipient for example RAK Bank, it confirms the name of the employee in question, his/her gender, the passport the applicant holds, the position held by the requester of this document, their job role, the date of joining the organization, his/her monthly salary, the allowances entitled, the benefits entitled, the human resources personal who produced it, their phone number, email address, website and office location.It is used for the personal loan application process

This document comes printed on a company letterhead and carries with it a rubber stamp and the company representative’s signature ,his title in the company and some even mention the reason behind its production. It should be noted that this certificate is very important in the financial services sector as it proves that the employee in question is a real member of a company, and entitled to monthly or weekly income.It is key to take your salary certificate and use a loan calculator to determine the emi before disbursing a loan

Payslip definition/meaning

On the other hand, a payslip is a note given to an employee when they have been paid, detailing the amount of pay given, and the tax and insurance deducted. This slip mentions the name of the employee, his or her employee number, the company in question, the units worked which usually are man hours or machine hours, the earnings per unit worked, any deductions attached therein, the year to to date amount paid.

The payslip also includes the period of employment in question, the passport number or the national ID number ,the mode of payment, the payment point, the cost center, the employee’s grade, the department, the pay rate, the occupation, the leave balance, the employee’s bank account, the account number, the branch, currency, the date engaged, the payday, allowances, deductions, contribution, income, other income, overtime, levies, taxes , the net paid, among other issues.

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  • Documents required for SME Partner-loan application

    1-Passport copy
    2-Visa copy
    3-Emirates ID front and back copies
    4-Six months bank statement
    5-Credit card copy (face)
    6-Credit card statement
    7-Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
    8-Tenancy Contract
    9-Copies of invoices (optional,increases chance)
    Loan amount 10 000-300 000 (AED)

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